Weekly Economic Commentary

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  • In a currency war, everyone loses
  • Should monetary policy be coordinated across countries?
  • The International Monetary Fund is at a crossroads
  • The Federal Reserve’s search for stability
  • The patterns of world trade are undergoing important changes
  • Greece issued debt this week: good news or bad news?
  • For the European Central Bank, actions will speak louder than words
  • Employment bounces back in the United States
  • Long-term unemployment should keep wage growth subdued
  • Using energy as a pawn may work to Russia’s disadvantage in the long run
  • China: 2014 economic outlook is hazy
  • Lessons from the 2014 stress test
  • The Federal Reserve’s updated guidance takes a page from its past
  • Wage trends will guide the timing of tightening
  • Chinese banking reformers should be careful what they wish for
  • Global trade negotiations have stalled
  • This is a delicate time for Chinese finance
  • Where will Europe’s growth come from?
  • The fight over Ukraine is an unwelcome source of uncertainty
  • Hiring in the U.S. improves in February
  • American businesses have lots of cash to invest
  • The sensitivity of emerging markets complicates the Fed’s exit plans
  • Raising the minimum wage is not the only way to aid low-income workers
  • Brazil’s economy is faltering as the World Cup approaches
  • Is the U.S. economy under the weather?
  • Japan is faltering a bit as year two of Abenomics begins
  • Bitcoin has generated a lot of attention, some of it unwanted
  • Arresting disinflation will require taking up the slack
  • Estimates of the U.S. output gap remain substantial
  • The U.S. achieves budget peace but still faces long-term fiscal challenges
  • Long-term unemployment needs to be addressed more intensively
  • January’s jobs data was very much a mixed bag
  • Janet Yellen’s testimony will include thoughts on joblessness
  • China’s shadow banking products are coming under the spotlight
  • Emerging markets: Be sure to differentiate
  • The fixed income sector’s surprising strength
  • The Bank of England gets what it wished for
  • U.S. capital spending: is 2014 the catch-up year?
  • The U.S. budget deal reduces policy uncertainty
  • The fiscal state of the states is better, but challenges remain
  • Meeting the new cast at the Fed
  • December U.S. employment report clouded by weather-related factors
  • A review of the two U.S. employment surveys
  • The ECB reaches a critical stage
  • Six Questions for 2014
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