XBRL Files (All Funds except Multi-Manager Funds)

nf_20130722.xml Instance Document
nf_20130722.xsd SCHEMA
nf_20130722_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf_20130722_def.xml    Definitions
nf_20130722_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf_20130722_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Multi-Manager Funds except Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Debt Opportunity Fund)

nf1_20130722.xml Instance Document
nf1_20130722.xsd SCHEMA
nf1_20130722_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf1_20130722_def.xml    Definitions
nf1_20130722_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf1_20130722_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Debt Opportunity Fund)

nf-20131202.xml Instance Document
nf-20131202.xsd SCHEMA
nf-20131202_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf-20131202_def.xml    Definitions
nf-20131202_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf-20131202_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Municipal Money Market Fund Only)

nf_20130802.xml Instance Document
nf_20130802.xsd SCHEMA
nf_20130802_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf_20130802_def.xml    Definitions
nf_20130802_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf_20130802_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Tax-Advantaged Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund &
Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund Only — Supplement dated October 1, 2013)

nf_20131001.xml Instance Document
nf_20131001.xsd SCHEMA
nf_20131001_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf_20131001_def.xml    Definitions
nf_20131001_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf_20131001_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Multi-Manager International Equity Fund
Only — Supplement dated January 10, 2014)

nf-20140110.xml Instance Document
nf-20140110.xsd SCHEMA
nf-20140110_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf-20140110_def.xml    Definitions
nf-20140110_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf-20140110_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Small Cap Index Fund Only —
Supplement dated January 24, 2014)

nf-20140124.xml Instance Document
nf-20140124.xsd SCHEMA
nf-20140124_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf-20140124_def.xml    Definitions
nf-20140124_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf-20140124_pre.xml Presentation

XBRL Files (Large Cap Core Fund (Formerly known as Enhanced Large Cap Fund) Only — Supplement dated February 14, 2014)

nf-20140214.xml Instance Document
nf-20140214.xsd SCHEMA
nf-20140214_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
nf-20140214_def.xml    Definitions
nf-20140214_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
nf-20140214_pre.xml Presentation

*Certain of our SEC filings, beginning with our Prospectuses for the period ending July 31, 2013, include exhibits containing our financial statements tagged using eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). The XBRL exhibits consist of files that are formatted as unprocessed data which is readable only by means of an XBRL viewer. The SEC's Web site at www.sec.gov currently provides links to such viewers. You can access Northern Funds' XBRL filings with the SEC by linking directly to EDGAR, a database maintained by the SEC.





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